Width:  54""-74" 

Depth:   23"

Height:  27" 


Download the How to Measure pdf before ordering.

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10% is donated to an animal welfare organization. 

A PDF download provides instant access so you can get started right away!​​

Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans & Catio Spaces Catios and Cat Enclosures for a healthy and happy cat!

  Small  ​(30"-50" wide)

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Prior to ordering, download the'HOW TO MEASURE" pdf. 

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 DIY CATIO PLANS           

The WINDOW BOX DIY Catio Plans by Catio Spaces provide fresh air and a birds eye view for your cat to safely enjoy the enrichment of the outdoors.  Designed to complement your home, our window box catio plans are available in 3 sizes (small, medium or large) and include a polycarbonate roof for use year round.  Catio Spaces' DIY plans take the guesswork out of building a catio to save you time and money.  

Build one yourself or hire a local carpenter to build the plan for you!  


Order your DIY plan!

Window Box mounted BELOW window sill

(wall cat door).  


      The WINDOW BOX DIY Catio Plans feature:  


  • Step-by-step instructions with easy to follow diagrams available as a Pdf download for instant access.
  • Material list
  • Tool list
  • Catio is designed to be built in panels for ease of assembly.
  • Wood frame can be painted to match your window trim, house or an accent color to complement your home.
  • Wire mesh walls for an escape proof catio.
  • Roof includes a polycarbonate weatherproof ceiling for year-round use or an optional wire mesh ceiling
  • Plans include a side door for either end of the catio.  (Cat access is through the window or a cat door installed in the window or wall. 
  • ​Cedar floor maximizes horizontal space for your cat's enjoyment! 
  • Includes instructions for (2) angle support braces (small/medium) and (3) angle support braces (large) that are secured to the siding similar to a traditional window box.

  • WINDOWS:  Ideal for sash (double hung) and slider windows.              Not suitable for casement windows that open out.

  • CAT DOORS & WINDOW BOX LOCATION OPTIONS:                     Cat doors (not included the DIY plan purchase) can be inserted into a window opening for window boxes mounted flush with the window sill.  For window boxes mounted below the window sill, a cat door can be installed in the wall (see examples below).   Cat doors can be purchased from an online pet door supplier or a local pet store.  

                          WINDOW BOX LOCATION OPTIONS


  • PLUS BONUS information included in your plan:  

          Tips for acclimating your cat to a cat door and catio space.

          Tips for cat safe plants, decor and more!

A PDF download of your catio plan provides instant access so you can get started right away!​​

  Medium  ​(54"-74" wide)

Window Box mounted FLUSH with window sill (window cat door).  

10% is donated to an animal welfare organization


Width:  30"-50" 

Depth:   23"

Height:  27" 


​​PRIOR TO ORDERING, download the How to Measure pdf to insure you select the correct size for your window and outer window trim clearance.  

See product details and purchase information below.

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Only $49.95!


Width:  78""-98" 

Depth:   23"

Height:  27" 


  Large  ​(78"-98" wide)