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Seattle Magazine

31 Reasons Pets Love Seattle  

#18 Because we found a way to make outdoor cat pens that aren’t hideous
Curiosity may not always kill the cat, but it sure makes a cat owner—not to mention the local songbird population—anxious. Cynthia Chomos of Ballard wanted to give her tabby, Serena, a stimulating outdoor experience without worrying that she would wander off or be injured. A year ago, the feng shui consultant, general contractor and animal lover turned that motivation into Catio Spaces (, outdoor enclosures in which cats can securely experience their environment. If tacking a giant cat cage to the side of your house just doesn’t sound appealing, fear not.  (read more)


Evening Magazine


Feng Shui for Felines & Cat Enclosures 

Producer Michael King of Evening Magazine visited the home of Cynthia Chomos, feng shui consultant and catio designer, to meet her cat Serena and share how feng shui is incorporated into the design of cat enclosures. Click here  to view 3-minute video clip. 

KING 5 News

Feline Seahawks Fans Enjoy Twelfie-themed Catio  
Kenmore kitties Purrcival and Penelope are showing their twelfie spirit with a custom-designed and decorated catio space that reflects the passion of their owner, a longtime Seahawks fan who will be in Arizona on Sunday for his first Super Bowl.  The 7'x'6'x7' enclosed outdoor space was designed by Cynthia Chomos, the founder of Seattle's Catio Spaces.  Chomos is a feng shui consultant and general contractor who applies her expertise to the creation and construction of safe outdoor enclosures for cats. (read more)

Country Living

Apparently, Catios are a Thing Now.  These backyard spaces are the cats meouw.

by Rori Kotch

Cats love to be outside, but letting them roam around on their own can lead to the possibility of your feline friend getting dirty, lost, or worse, hurt. The latest solution? The catio (a patio, for cats—get it?). A catio is like a man cave (or a she-shed) for Whiskers... (read more)

All Animals Magazine.  Humane Society of the United States. 
The Cats Meouw. 
by Catherine Hess

Catios are the perfect spot for a fix of the great outdoors.  (read article)

It's a Catio, Daddio!  Safe Outdoor Access for Frisky Felines

by Melissa Allison

Anyone interested in feline enrichment knows how much cats love the outdoors. They also know how risky it is for cats to be free-roaming — they can be hit by cars, trapped in garages and just plain lost. Then there are the birds they kill (although windows also do major damage to bird populations).   Some of the world’s most forward-thinking cat owners have devised a solution: the catio. (read article)

Cats Play and Roam Safely In Yards With ‘Catios’

House cats love to roam outdoors, but letting them run freely outside isn’t always the safest or most convenient thing to do, depending where you live. That’s where “catios” are wonderful solutions.  (more)

City Living Seattle   
by Christie Lagally, Columnist 
Among the Animals:  Keeping cats safe and "enclosed"  
When I adopted my cat Buca from a city shelter, I signed a contract in good faith to keep her indoors. After all, the shelter had saved her life, and I promised to protect her. After several years as an indoor-only cat, Buca decided she wanted time outside, and she made her wishes known in potent ways. However, cats pose considerable risks to themselves and other animals when allowed to roam freely... (read more

Catio Spaces Helps Cat Owners Build Safe Outdoor Havens For Their Feline Friends!

by Modi Ramos
For those of us with indoor cats, sometimes we can feel bad for our sweet kitties when we see them staring longingly out the window. We keep them indoors because we know this is the safest decision, and the thought of anything happening to them keeps us from letting them go explore. But what if there was a way for us to have peace of mind but our cats still get to enjoy the outdoors? Yep, that’s right, we’re talking about catios!  (read more)

Cat Nap Chronicles

Cats enjoy the outdoors. Most house pets aren’t well equipped to survive on their own outside. A catio, or a cat patio, is the purrfect solution for a bored, indoor house pet that needs more stimulation. Catios are outdoor enclosures that give pets the feeling of being outside, while still being protected in a safe environment. (read more

Northwest REporter 

Feng Shui trainer applying same design philosophies to startup
Feng Shui, a popular design philosophy to help make homes more appealing, can be beneficial to cats, too, according to a well-known Seattle-based consultant-trainer. Cynthia Chomos, the founder of the Feng Shui School for Real Estate Sales, has launched CatioSpaces, a company that creates safe outdoor enclosures for felines.  (read article)

Press Release, Catio Spaces
Catio Spaces™ incorporates Feng Shui in crafting enclosures for felines
Feng shui for felines? Absolutely, says Cynthia Chomos, a certified feng shui consultant and speaker on the ancient design philosophy for creating harmonious surroundings. As an extension of her work with Realtors®, businesses and homeowners, the Seattle resident has launched Catio Spaces™, a company that designs and builds safe, outdoor enclosures for cats.  (
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