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10% is donated to

an animal welfare organization.    

 Haven Catio

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3x6  info 

 Sanctuary Catio

8x10  info

6x8  info 

Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans & Catio Spaces Catios and Cat Enclosures for a healthy and happy cat!

Only $49.95per plan!

Your cat will soon be enjoying the outdoors in a safe and stylish catio!

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See info for purchase information for the WINDOW BOX,

HAVEN, SANCTUARYand OASIS  catios under the photos above. 

        DIY Gift Certificates are also available for the cat lover in your life!

Only $49.95 per plan!

 DIY Catio Plans by Catio Spaces feature:            

  • Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions with over 25 diagrams.
  • Materials list
  • Tool list
  • Catio is designed to be built as panels for ease of assembly.
  • Roof rafters accommodate a wire mesh ceiling or an optional clear, polycarbonate, weatherproof ceiling.
  • Door placement flexibility for access into the catio.
  • Shelf design maximizes vertical space for your cat's enjoyment!
  • Adjustable catio height.  See product details for dimensions.  
  • Plans are designed for the DIY cat owner to make the process easy to follow and rewarding to build.
  • See specific plans for dimensions and design features.  

PLUS BONUS information included in the catio plan! 

  • Tips for acclimating your cat to a cat door and new catio space.
  • Tips for cat safe plants, enrichment, decorating and more. 

  Oasis Catio & Cat Tunnel

8x10  info

8x8  info

(includes directions for a cat tunnel)

Do you want to build a catio?  

   Or hire a carpenter to build a catio plan for you?

Catio Spaces offers DIY Catio Plans that take the guesswork out

of building an outdoor cat enclosure to SAVE TIME AND MONEY!  

We offer several attractive catio designs and sizes to complement your home and suit your feline's fancy.  Our plans include Window Box catio, the Sanctuary and Haven catios (3-sided enclosures that attach to your home) and the Oasis catio (4-sided enclosure with cat tunnel) to keep your cats safe and happy!       

 Window Box Catio

  Small / Medium / Large  info

 Patent Pending  

DIY Plans offer roofing options including open wire mesh, a fully-covered clear polycarbonate ceiling for year round use or a combination of both. 

10% is donated to an animal welfare organization.        

"Your DIY catio plans were a perfect solution for us and the directions are great!  Every detail was considered and the plans were easy to follow and the catio is so beautifully professional and secure.  I feel safe giving my cats permanent access, even at night.  People just can't believe we built it ourselves!"   

         - Emily S.,  Portland, OR