Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans & Catio Spaces Catios and Cat Enclosures for a healthy and happy cat!

"Haven" Catio

Ground-Level catios  

"Sanctuary"  (6x8x8, 8x10x8 or custom size)

"Haven"  (3x6x8, 4x8x8, or custom size)

Sanctuary catios include a cat access landing shelf, carpet-covered corner perches, an upper "catwalk", a human size door, space for a seating.area and the catio is designed for exercise and relaxing in the sun.  

Haven catios also include similar shelving and a human access door.  Both styles are designed to attach to your house siding.  

Color:  Cedar brown.

Window Perch catios (above-ground):    "Window Box" Veranda  &  "Garden Window" Condo

Window perch catios vary in size depending on your window frame and desired size..  The catios can be mounted to your house siding or window trim.   Angle support braces are included.   You are not limited to the window width as the Window Box and Garden Window catios can extend beyond your window trim.  

Colors:  White, cedar brown, black or custom color.   

A catio is an investment in the health and wellbeing of your cat.  Visit our Benefits page to learn more about the value of adding a catio to your home.

All catios include a durable, UV protected sunroof for use year-round or the roof can be all mesh, or half mesh and half fully covered.  The wood frame catios vary in size, color and design and include pressure treated wood, escape-proof galvanized wire, natural cedar shelves, perches and space to decorate.  Colors include white, wood or black.   (See additional information below for each catio style).

INSTALLATON:   We will install the catio for you and costs vary depending on site conditions such as window mounted, patio, deck or garden area.   If you prefer to do the installation yourself, we will deliver the catio panels to you for a delivery fee. (Seattle area)    

Colors available

Ground-level Catios: 

Window Perch Catios:

"Sanctuary" Catio

"Window Box" Veranda

"Garden Window" Condo

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A Catio as Special as your Cat 

From simple to sublime, our cat enclosures are custom designed to suit your feline's fancy with a variety of sizes, colors and designs available. Whether you choose a ground-level or window perch style catio, we'll build it to complement your home, budget and style.  Give your cat an outdoor space to enjoy nature while you enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat is always safe. ​ 

We also offer DIY Catio Plans in a variety of designs and sizes that take the guesswork out of building a catio.  Gift Certificates for DIY Catio Plans are also available.

Our Catios are guaranteed to create a positive "cattitude!"