Catio Spaces DIY Catio Plans & Custom Cat Enclosures for a healthy and happy cat!

"Providing cats with outdoor access in enclosures ensures we are good cat owners and good neighbors.  It means being responsible for wildlife, responsible for community space and responsible for the safety of our cats."

- Jennifer Hillman,  Western Region Director, The Humane Society of United States

Tom, once a whopping 25-pounder, became much more active after getting adopted into a home with a catio. He lost 8 pounds in a year!

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, there are many benefits to investing in a cat enclosure:

  • protect your cat from predators, poisons and diseases from other animals 
  • reduce vet bills from neighborhood cat fights and vehicles
  • protect local birds and wildlife 
  • provide a healthy lifestyle with fresh air, exercise, sunbathing and bird watching 
  • create an outdoor space for human and feline interaction 
  • eliminate indoor litter odors (with optional outdoor litter box discretely hidden from view)  
  • peace of mind knowing your cat is always in a safe and protected environment
  • enhance the health and happiness of your cat!